Potentiometer 16 mm. 1x20kB/1x10kRD (gain)

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16mm. 1x20kB/1x10kRD (gain)

Part number: 10300374 (Alps)

First section 20KB linear (B)

Second section 10KD Reversed Logarithmic (D)

As used in the gain control of the ORION / Vision / ClubMix / Airmix consoles

Potentiometer 16 mm. 2x100kB (cn lin)

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 2x100kB (center click linear)

Part number: 10300375 (ALPS)

Potentiometer 16 mm. 1x10kA (log)

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 1x10kA (logarithmic)

Part number: 10300378 (Alps) mono

Potentiometer 16 mm. 4x100kC (quad) reverse log

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 4x100kC (quad reverse logarithmic for freuency sweeps)

Part number: 10300383 (Alps)

Used for requency control

Potentiometer 16 mm. 2x10kB/2x10kB (cn con)

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16mm. 2x10kB/2x10kB (center click concentrisch and both tracks linear)

Part number: 10300384 (Alps)

two linear stereo tracks on two shafts

Potentiometer 16 mm. 20kB/dummy-10kC conc

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 20kB/dummy-10kC concentric

Part number: 10300386 (Alps)

Outershaft controls 20kLineair track

Innershaft controls 10K reverse log track

Potentiometer 16 mm. 2x100kB (lin)

Weight: kg

potentiometer 16 mm. 2x100kB (lineair)

Partnumber: 10300387 (Alps)

Stereo lineaire potentiometer

Potentiometer 16 mm. 20kB/20kB conc linear

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 20kB/20kB concentric

Partnumber: 10300388 (Alps)

Inner shaft controls 20K lineair track

Outer shaft controls 20K lineair track

Potentiometer 16 mm. 4x20kA (quad log)

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 4x20kA (quad logarithmic tracks)

Part number: 10300389

Not available anymore, sorry

Potentiometer 16 mm. 10kB/10kB/10Km/10kN/cc

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 16 mm. 10kB/10kB/10KM/10kN/center click

Part number: 10300390 (Alps)

Special surround panpot with 2x linear and 2x special (M/N) tracks

Potentiometer 97 100kCx2/10kB CC

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 97  100kCx2/10kB Center Click

Part number: 10300401 (Alps)

Typical Equalizer potentiometer.

Inner shaft 10K lineair (B) track with center detent controls level

Outer shaft with 2x reverse log 100KC tracks sweeps frequencies

Inner shaft controls 2x100KC reverse (C)  logarithmic tracks

Potentiometer 97 10kBx2 CC/10kA

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 97  10kBx2 cc/10kA

Part number: 10300402 (Alps)

Innershaft controls 10Ka logarithmic track

Outershaft controls 2x10kb lineair tracks with centre detent.

Used for Aux level (top knob) with panpot Lower knob)

Potentiometer 97 50kA/50kA

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 97  50kA/50kA log audio tracks

Part number: 10300404 (Alps)

Concentric potentiometer controlling each log (audio) track independently

Potentiometer 97 20kB/20kB-10kRD

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 97  20kB/20kB-10 kRD

Partnumber: 10300405 (Alps)

Inner shaft controls 10K reverse log track 

Outershaft controls combined 20Klin(B)-10Klin(B) tracks

Potentiometer 97 10kBx2/10kBx2 10kMN CC

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 97  10kBx2/10kBx2  10kMN CC

Partnumber: 10300406 (Alps)

Outershaft controls  10kBx2/10kBx2 (lineair)

Innershaft controls 10kMN with Center Click (spefial track)

Potentiometer 97 10kBx2/10kBx2

Weight: kg

Potentiometer 97 10kBx2/10kBx2

Part number: 10300407 (Alps)

Inner shaft controls stereo 10klineair (B) tracks

Outershaft controls stereo 10klineair (B) tracks

Potentiometer RK09 50kB20kB-50kB20kB10kRD

Weight: kg

Potentiometer RK09 50kB20kB-50kB20kB10kRD

Part number: 10300410 (ALPS)

Inner shaft controls 50klin(B) + 20klin(B)+ 10kRD

Outershaft controls 50klin(B) + 20klin(B)

Potentiometer RK09 50kB/50kA-50kB/50kA

Weight: kg

Potentiometer RK09 50kB/50kA-50kB/50kA

Part number: 10300411 (Alps)

Innershaft controls 50klin(B)+50klog(A)

Ouershaft controls 50klin(B)+50klog(A)

Potentiometer RK09 50kB10kB10kB-50kB50kA

Weight: kg

Potentiometer RK09 50kB10kB10kB-50kB50kA

Part number: 10300412 (Alps)

Innershaft controls 50klin(B)+10klin(B)+10kLIN(B)

Outershaft controls 50klin(B)+50klog(A)

Potentiometer RK 50kB100kC100kC-50kB10kB

Weight: kg

Potentiometer RK 50kB100kC100kC-50kB10kB

Part number: 10300413 (Alps)

Outershaft controls 50klin(B)+100kreverselog(C)+100kreverselog(C)

Innershaft controls 50klin(B)+10klin(B)